The Re-Birth Of Wick Studios

After an initial period re-imagining one of Melbourne’s seminal music rehearsal studios into what became The Wick, in 2013 owners Glenn Scott and Dan Corless decided it was time for a game-changer…

They identified the need for a call to arms in order to champion the independent music industry in Melbourne, and embarked on a colossal redevelopment of The Wick into a national first; a state-of-the-art statement of belief and support for the Australian music and arts industry. Enter “Wick Studios”.

Located in the heart of Brunswick, Wick Studios is a three-building complex including a fifteen room rehearsal studio equipped with cutting edge technology, a large photographic and video studio. and two unique and purpose built recording studios. All of our facilities are available for public hire at highly competitive prices, and come equipped with the best of the best in terms of technology.

Glenn, Dan, and The Wick Studios family have toiled around the clock to equip the burgeoning Australian music industry with an unparalleled pillar of strength and support in the form of a multi-disciplinary hub covering everything possibly required by national and international artists. The Wick Studios complex features a multitude of avenues to bolster and support new and established performing artists in Australia, and to provide the top of the line of hospitality and services for international touring acts.

From providing artists with innovative services, technology and equipment at an affordable and competitive price-point, to utilizing the wall space in the busy reception area as an art gallery, Wick Studios is leaving no stone unturned in establishing Australia’s very first true arts and music industry hub.

Join us on our journey.